Everend Student Game

Position: Design Lead / 3D Environment Artist
Role: Team Management, World Building, Modeling, Level Design
Tools: Maya, Unity, zBrush, xNormal, Photoshop, NDO
Production Time: 7 Months

Everend is an exploration puzzle game where you play as an owl who has been swept away from their family and left stranded and alone underground. Everend was developed by a team of 12 new to the game industry. Download the game now at thatowlgame.com and check out our development blog at thatowldevblog.com and my personal blogs on Level Design and Crystal Cave Reference

My core development responsibilities were Environment Art, World Art, Level design development, Unity Game Engine workflow, and the creation and baking of low poly version of assets. Below is a collection of galleries of different parts of the game that I worked on ranging from environments to characters.