The Last of Us 2 - Hostile Territory

I had an incredible opportunity to work on this massive vista and support the level artists with additional art and set dressing. The Vista of "Hostile Territory" was a collaborative process with my partner Kathy Ray. This was one of my favorite areas to get to work on, as it was such a large space but had lots of little areas where I was able to add interesting details. I tried my best to put as many small nods to previous and future levels as I could. It was really fun to try to recreate the area around King Street Station in Seattle as I have been there many times myself.

My responsibilities included: Initial blockout through to final art for the vista, Modeling, UVing, LODs, Set Dressing, Collision Meshes, World Building, Lows and Mid-Ground Art.

Working at Naughty Dog is a very collaborative process and I worked between many different teams. The gameplay spaces were created by Martin Teichman and Alex Harrington and the amazing lighting was done by Steve Cummings.