The Last of Us 2 - Capitol Hill

I worked on the vistas and mid-ground for "Capitol Hill" with my partner Kathy Ray. This area was an interesting challenge as the vista needed to stay loaded through out the entirety of "Capitol Hill" and "Watchtower". There was nowhere we could drop the vista without it being noticeable. This made it more difficult to make the skyline composition look nice from all angles as the player progressed through such a large space.
I was responsible for the initial blockout and composition of the vistas, Modeling, UVing, Set Dressing, Mid-Grounds, Lows, and optimization throughout. We had additional help with vistas and lows from Jeff Parker, Mauricio Sotolongo, and Ryan Burke.
Working at Naughty Dog is a very collaborative process and I worked between many different teams. The gameplay spaces were created by Liz Reddington and Jonathon Ruland and the amazing lighting was done by Antoine Deschamps.